Probation & Parole

Fort Jackson Building, Suite 100, 19 South Washington Street, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370 

Phone: 724-852-5250 / Fax: 724-852-5344

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. , Monday - Friday

Chief Probation Officer- Craig Wise

The Probation Office is committed to protecting the safety of the public, addressing the needs of crime victims, improving county juvenile and adult probation and parole services, and assisting in the fair administration of justice by ensuring the custody, control, and treatment of offenders under the jurisdiction of the county. 

Probation officers work with people who were convicted of crimes and sentenced to probation instead of incarceration. The work of a probation officer often involves monitoring offenders, coordinating rehabilitation services and arranging job training. 

Adult Probation

Adult Probation supervises individuals 18 years old and older. They use evidence based practices to assist the reintegration of the offender into the community and to ensure accountability to the conditions set by the Court. They verify and monitor the residence and employment of offenders, prepare pre-sentence reports for the Court, community service and assist with collection of fines, costs, and restitution.

Juvenile Probation

 Juvenile probation officers supervise youths between the ages of 10 through 18 that have committed a criminal offense. They use evidence based practices to protect the community, assist the juvenile in developing competencies, and holding them accountable to the victim with restitution, community service and victim mediation. . Officers work with these adolescents and their families to assess and ensure compliance with court terms. They also provide counseling and referral to services that help the juvenile in an attempt to change or eliminate behavioral issues.

PA Board of Probation and Parole Programs:

The Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole offers supervision and programs for criminal offenders that have been sentenced and released from a state correctional institution. They strive towards offender rehabilitation and reintegration into the community. Participation is determined based on the individual circumstances and needs of each parolee. 

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Voting Rights of Convicted Felons, Convicted Misdemeanants, and Pretrial Detainees:

Voting in any type of election, from local elections to Presidential primaries, provides an important way to voice your opinions regarding elected leaders and overall policies. The ability to vote exists as one of the most cherished Constitutional Rights that many fought for, marched for, and died for over the centuries. Click here for more information on voting requirements.