Motions Court will be held at 8:45 am each Monday before President Judge Louis Dayich and each Wednesday before Judge Jeffry N. Grimes.

In the event of a holiday, Motions Court will be held on the next business day.

Court of Common Pleas of Greene County, Pennsylvania

13th Judicial District

Welcome to the website for the 13th Judicial District, Greene County, Pennsylvania!

This website is designed to provide you convenient access to Court information and services for the Court of Common Pleas and the Magisterial District Courts.  The Court of Common Pleas is the trial court of general jurisdiction which hears civil cases with significant controversy and trials for serious crimes and has original jurisdiction over all cases not exclusively assigned to another court and appellate jurisdiction over judgments from the minor courts (which include the magisterial district courts).

In addition to a wealth of information concerning court structure, personnel, and operations, interested parties will find the Greene County Local Rules, annual reports and much more. Further, our jury duty page allows prospective jurors the opportunity to find frequently asked questions.

Case specific requests and inquiries that seek procedural information cannot be answered via the website and should be directed by telephone to Court Administration at (724) 852-5237 or

The court assumes no liability for any legal consequences arising out of the listing of inaccurate or outdated information on these pages.